All necessary industry standard EDA tools for the complete VLSI design and verification flow from RTL design to complete back-end suite up to GDSII. High-end FPGA including XILINX Virtex-7, Kintex-6, Zed boards, Advanced Micro-controller kits, ARM Embedded kits, High-end Servers, world-class storage, and high-class work-stations.

Design of Analog RF Mixed Integrated Circuits Lab

This lab allows students to work on Analog and RF projects right from designing specifications till the tape out. The lab has strong tie-up with semiconductor foundry like TSMC, SCL for the fabrication part.

MEMS and Micro/Nano Systems Laboratory established in 2010 to perform both basic and applied research in MEMS and Micro/Nano systems.. This lab allows students to have research on areas like MEMS Microelectronics technology, Silicon Micromachining, Anodic Oxidation, IR Detector, Mems-based bio/chemical sensor, Inertial sensor, Thin films for MEMS.

Nano-X Cleanroom and Characterization Lab

Cleanroom is for fabrication of micro and nano devices. Students work on fabrication of antennas, sensors and MEMS devices and for characterization of IIT H developed devices we have IR characterization setup, electrical characterization, SEM and TEM.

This lab allows students to have research on areas Thin film magnetism and data storage, Ferromagnetic semiconductor and spintronics, Micromagnets, 2D materials, multiferroics, skyrmions etc​.

This lab allows students to explore the area of Nano photonics which seeks to miniaturize optical devices on a chip scale. This helps students to believe that such miniaturization has great benefits similar to miniaturization of electronic devices.

CARBON stands for Creative & Advanced Research Based On Nanomaterials. With its core theme on Carbon in the form of a variety of nanomaterials, further as the name suggests, CARBON Laboratory at IIT Hyderabad focuses on creativity, innovation and advanced research that can be directly applied to solve the problems around us.

This lab works on Flexible and wearable nanoelectronics; Flexible Bio-electronics; Lab-on-aChip; Nanomaterials based devices (Transistors, Photodetectors, Sensors)

Sensors and Actuators lab aims to design and characterize sensors and actuators based on MEMS technologies that we fabricate in collaboration with other faculties of the Institute. We have the state of the art characterization facilities to do the MEMS characterization.